Spar structure is laminated spruce using T88 epoxy. An extension was added to the main table to accommodate the single piece spar.  Lots of measuring and re-measuring when setting up the forms.  Jigs and more jigs were made to assemble the wing structure.  For that matter, the whole airplane also.

The flaps and ailerons were shaped using urethane foam and covered with CF.  The flaps hinge a couple of inches below the lwr surface.  I created fairing to cover them. Frise type ailerons were used.  Push/pull tubes are used to actuate the ailerons. The flap have a linear actuator located under the seat pan with torque tubes extending out.

Roger's KR2S

The wing is a one piece design.  I guess I wanted to create more work for myself.  It does allow for a 59 inch flap. The wing skins are CF on the outside, PVC foam core with FG on the inside.  There might be a bit of overkill here.  The wing walk areas have extra CF and ply stiffeners on the inside.  In the area around the flight controls, I used urethane foam.  The fuel tank was made using vinyl ester resin.  The tank extends aft 12 inches from the spar.  Fuel burn has no appreciable affect on CG.  13.5 gal. useable per side.