I used the PVC foam for the fwd tilting canopy frame.  It mills well and once glassed, is very strong.    The canopy hinge was floxed into the fwd end of the canopy.  Most of the canopy frame structure is CF.  Some areas, FB works better. Grooves were cut into the foam to allow it to bend and twist as needed.  The canopy bow is made with two layers of foam.  With a little heat, the foam conformed as need

Making the bubble canopy fit the not so rounded frame created some challenges.  I used an IR heater on the inside to help the canopy relax in its final shape.

I used sanding guides for both sides of the forward deck.  The inside was shaped and glassed first.  Then sanded and glassed with CF on the outside.

The outside of the aft deck was sanded and glassed first since there are compound curves on it.   

The decks were then bonded to the fuselage using glass tape on the inside as well as the outside.

Roger's KR2S

The fwd and aft decks were shaped using the urethane foam.  The aft deck is covered with fiberglass on both sides.  The fwd deck is covered with CF on the outside and fiberglass on the inside.  Both are permanently bonded to the boat section.